Welcome To Bell Teleservices, a Reliable service & solution provider

A leading organisation providing Telecom, Internet, CITY-CCTV Surveillance, Intelligent Traffic Services. We have the largest underground Optic Fiber network which is fully owned by our well expertise in-house teams. Installed the first City wide CCTV surveillance, First Adaptive Traffic Signal installations in Karnataka.


Telecom Infrastructure

BELL has the 4th largest underground Optic Fibre networks measuring 1200 kms in Bangalore. BELL’s network infrastructure is appropriate for catalyzing the growth of the Internet, Telecom and networking

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Internet LeasedLine

BellTele has multiple upstream for automated traffic routing to provide the best latency path to the international destinations and to minimize the service impact during upstream failures if any..

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Internet Broadband

Bell Tele(Metronet)is the only service provider who provides customer’s internet bandwidth with end-end fiber connectivity.Providing state-of-the-art network services by partnering with world class leaders

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City surveillance

The purpose of city surveillance systems is to reduce crime, increase citizen safety, and stop vandalism – but can you put a figure on exactly how much value they bring?

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Video surveillance

Right now, millions of surveillance cameras around the world are recording video and most video could never be reviewed. Video Synopsis, can view hours of video in minutes. Result: More efficient & effective video review.

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Adaptive Traffic Signal

Conventional signal systems use pre-programmed signal timing schedules. Adaptive signal automatically adjusts the signal timings to accommodate changing traffic patterns and ease traffic congestion.

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Need a public or private hotspot for your campus, hostel, and office? We will establish a temporary Wi-Fi services for your business,Exhibition Centres & for specific events in a shorter periods

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Traffic Enforcement

Flexible systems and services for Traffic Safety & Enforcement. We provide ANPR, RLVD, FTVR, SMART VMS services and shaping the future of traffic safety with the association of experienced OEMs.

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IT Services

Being an end to end IT Infrastructure solution provider, we use small, mid and large scale Network, Storage and Computing products and we are able to support our customers with valid inputs and recommendations.

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