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In addition to project-based services, we provide Managed IT Services for applications and infrastructure needs. Our Managed IT Services offer a scalable delivery model to help you achieve your business objectives. We manage a team of high-performance resources that can be customized based on your needs. We also define, streamline and optimize how resources accomplish in-scope work outcomes to lower your total cost of ownership and achieve higher levels of performance through defined SLAs.


Smarter IT solutions & Services

In the current business environment, it’s necessary to ensure your organization is always
agile and responsive to changing IT needs. Partner with us to empower your business
and services by adopting cutting edge and reliable IT infrastructure services including
IT network and infrastructure management.

Data Center Services

The importance of Data Centers lies in their ability to maintain your IT infrastructure on their own allowing you to focus on business strategic functions entirely. Our Data Center is a facility to house servers, switches, firewalls, routers, racks, storage devices, telecom lines and other IT infrastructure which needs to be overlooked and monitored thoroughly by technical team. With our data center service, you can now free up more space in your office by clearing out the server room and moving the same into our data center.

The IT team which you had been maintaining for overlooking any server problems or network issues can now be relieved of their duties and you can outsource the management of your server to our managed data center services. So effectively by freeing up space, getting rid of redundant cooling systems, backup power supplies, an entire team for monitoring, you can stand to save quite a lot of money. We offer from the size of 1U to “N” number of rack spaces based on your requirements and we are flexible to work with you.

Infrastructure Management Service

IT infrastructure monitoring and management is one of the primary focus points for any organization if they are to achieve business success. BellTele’s highly expert team will help you manage your entire IT environment by identifying problems pro-actively and ensuring quick resolution. Our monitoring and management ensures that any IT problems, hardware related or otherwise, are pre-empted and resolved quickly so to ensure that you are spending more time working on business specific functions.

Remote Desktop Support, 24x7 Trouble Ticket & Phone support, IT infra Inventory Management, HW Vendor Ticket Logging & Co-ordination and Customized Reporting are the various services that you enjoy under remote infrastructure monitoring and management.

Hardware Supply & Support Services

Customers today expect high quality of service, innovative products and competitive pricing. The need is to control costs while delivering services that meet the highest standards globally. We provide every customer with high level meeting with OEM for sizing the suitable and future technology compatible products considering the business needs. Our IT Product Support Services including Supply of Server, Storage, Network equipments, online tech support, to help them maintain IT operational efficiency through hardware maintenance, software updates and troubleshooting, and customized IT support solutions. We use agile technologies to meet your evolving business requirements. With our IT Product Support Services, you have the advantage of gaining the highest quality of standards in IT Infrastructure Support and online technical support.

System Integration Services

Proactive, consistent and best-in-class Product Support Solutions from BELL IT Services

Your IT infrastructure needs to be agile, robust and secure to enhance real-time decision making and seamless integrate into dynamic IT environments. BELL IT Services provides smooth IT systems integration including enterprise application integration to enhance your IT infrastructure and ensure it is flexible enough to integrate custom application technologies. With our professional system integration services, you would have access to cutting edge IT integration solutions which are tailored for your needs and optimized by certified technical experts.